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    Cheap lots - Auto/GU/Inserts/patch & player lots

    Hey guys i have put together some lots of auto's/Murad/Lineage/SPx GU etc as i need to clear some room and get some paypal.

    All prices in AUS$$$ + $5 delivery outside australia or free postage in Aus

    08-09 Freshman Orientation GU's $15

    07-08 SPx Freshman Orientation/Winning materials and RC auto's $25

    Kevin Garnett base/insert and GU lot SOLD!!!

    CP3 base/insert/GU lot $25 or $100 with Murad auto #/25

    Melo base/insert/GU lot $50 or $180 including Exquisite quad jersey auto #/10

    Trade bait auto lot SOLD!!!

    Lineage auto lot $50

    Murad auto/gu/silk lot SOLD!!!
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    trade bait
    spcx frwshamn oreintation

    i can use alll those lots but i only got cash
    lmk thanks

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    Trade written up Spencehouse

    joshjohnson: Can you put money in a paypal account (Friend's or something)?

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    sorry cant do that i can do cash though and rlly need themlm,k thans

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