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    Aut outing, 6/29, Baseball, Arizona @ Detroit

    I manged to get Curt Schilling on a ONL ball, and Miguel Batista, Braddy Raggio, and Matt Mantei on Offical League balls.

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    schilling signed 3 days in a row? amazing i got him saturday

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    He personalized everything. Monday was my dayds birthday, so, it says "Jim, Happy Birthday, Curt Schilling"

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    Sweet. I might go to one of the Jays/Tigers games coming up hopefully I can get some autos especially Delgado and Shane Halter.

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    Delgado I saw on sports center was signing before the game. He'd be awesome to get. Great year. I hate Shane Halter.

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    DO you guys get them before the game outside or during warm-ups or what?
    Any advice is appreciated.

    Please PM me with any info


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    I usually try to get players during batting practice and warm-ups, and then after the game. I get most of them afterwards.

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    At the Hotels or what? Most of them come in on buses and stuff so you never even get to see them

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    In the parking lot by the buses. The Tigers park in the garage and I wasn't able to get anyone. The D'backs had 2 buses and signed in front of them

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