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Thread: 09 Stealth Box Break

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    09 Stealth Box Break

    I have a question about the autos, I believe mine is a gold version which is unnumbered and I see some of those going for more than the numbered versions. To me it seems you would want the number over the unnumbered. Can anyone explain that?

    Johnson Base /99
    Truex Ground Crew /99
    Mark Martin /25

  2. Kronozio
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    that is odd about the autos-nice multi battle armor though!

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    Yea, kinda wierd. They are the most common out of all of them, but in years past, the gold autos were always the toughest to come by....maybe that's why?

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    I think when people see the words "gold Auto" they go crazy. I'd like to consider it more of a bronze type if you ask me.

    Sweet Harvick, is there anything I could get you for it??

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    as i am watching these, i have seen far less of the unnumbered autographs of certain drivers, based on the numbered ones. now i have no idea if these numbered will be in other products so i would guess the unnumbered will catch up in the next releases the signings are in. i have only seen a couple gold sorensons but many numbered.

    only johnson autos i have seen are the numbered versions as well. only time will tell.

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    Nice box! I like the Harvick Battle Armor!! Nice :)

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    i noticed with the leicht i get outbid on the gold/bronze but i won the purple or orange for 1.75

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