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Thread: Looking to trade!!

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    Looking to trade!!

    I'm a new member tried the ebay thing but dont like it.....Looking to trade or sell, check out my bucket.

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    cmb for GU of Dirk, Nash, and Marion
    Wants: Autos: LeBron, Havlicek, Cousy, Wilt, Webber, Curry, Lonzo, Jordan, Ginobili, Jabbar, Judge, Jeter, Mattingly, Griffey

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    very interested in the rajon rondo trilogy RC

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    could use these lmk.

    lebron topps rock and rhythm
    lebron ultra gold
    d wade finest refractor

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    could use Pippen and Wade 6 GU.. who else do you collect in basketball besides andersen? lmk.. thanks
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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