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    Cards For Trade, Check it out !!!

    Want List Near Bottom. Bucket is work in progress, just about all Game used for trade pictures are in there.

    Game Used Trade List,

    Carlos Beltran (Royals)
    '04 Prestige-Players Collection #49/50 (Jersey)

    Jeremy Bonderman (Tigers)
    '08 Sweet Spot-Sweet Swatch (Jersey) NEW

    Ryan Braun (Brewers)
    '09 UD-Game Jersey

    Will Clark (Giants)
    '06 Artifacts-MLB Apparel silver limited (Jersey) #165/250
    '06 Fleer Greats of the Game-Decade Greats (Jersey)
    '06 SP Legendary Cuts-Legendary materials (Jersey) #19/99

    Jim Edmonds (Cardinals)
    '03 UD-Game Face Gear (Jersey)

    Jeff Francoeur (Braves)
    '08 Topps A&G-Jersey

    Jason Giambi (Yankees)
    '02 Honor Roll (Jersey)
    '02 UD-Star Tributes (Jersey)
    '03 Patchworks-Numbers Game (Jersey)
    '03 Fleer Box Score-Mini (Jersey
    '04 Ultra-Turn Back the Clock (Jersey) (A's) #144/399
    '04 Sweet Spot-Sweet Threads (Jersey)

    Curtis Granderson (Tigers)
    '09 Topps-Career Best (Jersey)

    Vladimir Guerrero (Angels)
    '08 Sweet Spot-Sweet Swatch (Jersey) NEW

    Carlos Guillen (Tigers)
    '09 Goudey-Jersey

    Tony Gwynn (Padres)
    '08 UD Baseball Heroes-Jersey

    Rich Hill (Cubs)
    '08 UD Baseball Heroes-Jersey #42/50

    Bo Jackson (Royals)
    '08 UD Baseball Heroes-Jersey

    Zach Jackson (Blue Jays)
    '05 Bowman-Jersey

    Randy Johnson (Diamond Backs)
    '02 SPx-Superstars Swatches (Jersey) #266/800
    '02 SP Authentic-(Jersey)
    '04 UD-Authentic Stars (Jersey)

    Andruw Jones (Braves)
    '00 UD-Game Jersey

    Greg Maddux (Braves)
    '03 Flair-Diamond Cuts (Jersey)
    '06 Ultra-Feel the Game (Jersey) (Cubs)

    Russ Martin (Dodgers)
    '05 Bowman-Jersey

    Victor Martinez (Indians)
    '08 Topps A&G-Jersey

    Lastings Milledge (Mets)
    '09 UD-Game materials (Jersey)

    Hideo Nomo (Dodgers)
    '02 UD-Double Game Worn Gems gold W/Chan Ho Park (Dual Jersey) #61/100
    '02 UD Vintage-Vintage Aces (Jersey)
    '03 UD-Leading Swatches (Jersey) gold #93/100

    David Ortiz (Red Sox)
    '08 Sweet Spot-Sweet Swatches (Jersey) NEW

    Roy Oswalt (Astros)
    '02 Leaf Certified-Mirror Gold (Patch) #25/25

    Andy Pafko (Milwaukee Braves)
    '03 Topps Heritage-Grandstand Glory (Stadium Seat)

    Mike Piazza (Mets)
    '01 Fleer Platinum-Lumberjacks (Bat)
    '07 Topps A&G-Bat (A's)

    Jorge Posada (Yankees)
    '09 Artifacts-A Piece of History (Jersey)

    Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)
    '08 UD-Jersey

    Jose Reyes (Mets)
    '06 Flair Showcase-Showcase Stitches (Jersey)

    Cal Ripken (Orioles)
    '05 National Pastime-Historical Record (Jersey)

    Scott Rolen (Cardinals)
    '07 Artifacts-Antiquity (Jersey)

    Rodrigo Rosario (Astros)
    '02 Leaf Certified-New Generation Mirror Emerald (Patch) #5/5 part of logo star

    C.C. Sabathia (Brewers)
    '09 UD-Game Jersey

    Johan Santana (Twins)
    '07 Bowman Sterling-Jersey

    Gary Sheffield (Dodgers)
    '01 Pacific-Jersey

    Kevin Slowey (Twins)
    '09 Goudey-Jersey NEW

    Alfonso Soriano (Nationals)
    '06 Fleer-Traditional Threads (Jersey)

    Mark Teixeira (Braves)
    '08 UD Baseball Heroes (Jersey)

    Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies)
    '09 UD Goudey-Jersey
    '09 UD-Game Jersey

    Dontrelle Willis (Marlins)
    '07 Topps A&G-Jersey)
    '09 Topps Heritage-Clubhouse Collection (Jersey)

    Delmon Young (Devil Rays)
    '05 Diamond Kings-(Dual Bat) #56/100

    Robin Yount (Brewers)
    '02 UD-Game Worn Gems (Jersey)

    Carlos Zambrano (Venezuela)
    '06 Sweet Spot-Sweet Beginings (Jersey) World Baseball Classic

    Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals)
    '07 UD-Game Materials (Jersey)


    '04 Topps-Presidential First Pitch (Stadium Seat)
    Herbert Hoover $25
    Warren Harding $25

    '04 Topps Chrome-Presidential First Pitch
    (Stadium Seat)
    William H. Taft $25

    Baseball Auto's:

    '05 Topps All Time Fan Favorites
    Tom Niedenfuer (Dodgers)
    Candy Maldonado (Blue Jays)

    '00 Omega
    Brady Clark (Reds)

    '00 Revolution
    Warren Morris (Pirates)
    Mark Mulder (A's)

    '01 Fleer Autographics
    Rondell White (Cubs)
    Mike Lieberthal (Phillies) gold #15/50

    '01 Finest-Auto
    Bengie Molina (Angels)

    '02 Bowman
    Larry Bigbie (Orioles)
    Bud Smith (Cardinals)

    '02 SP Authentic-Prospects Signatures
    Ken Huckaby (Blue Jays)

    '02 Spx
    Rene Reyes (Rockies)
    Jorge Podilla (Phillies)
    Danny Mota (Dodgers)

    '03 Diamond Kings-Diamond Cut
    Mike Sweeney (Royals) #2/150
    Aubrey Huff (Devil Rays) #121/150
    Jay Gibbons (Orioles) #124/150

    '03 Donruss Classics Rookie Auto's
    Christian Parker (Yankees)
    Gerald Laird (Rangers)
    Vinny Chulk (Blue Jays)
    Tim Hummel (White Sox)
    Corwin Malone (White Sox)

    '03 Absolute Rookie Auto's (all spectrum cards)
    Diegomar Markwell (Blue Jays) #190/250
    Clint Barmes (Rockies) #73/250
    Matt Bruback (Cubs) #76/250
    Travis Chapman (Phillies) #35/100
    Prentice Redman (Mets) #210/250
    Terrmel Sledge (Expos) #79/250

    '03 Absolute-Absolutely Ink
    Rodriguez Rosario (Astros)

    '03 Leaf-Clubhouse Signatures
    Franklin Nunez (Bronze)

    '03 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto's
    Thomari Story-Harden (Dodgers)

    '03 Topps Total-Signatures
    Brandon Phillips (Indians)

    '04 Leather & Lumber
    Colby Miller (Twins) #253/500
    Edwin Moreno (Rangers) #197/500
    Eddy Rodriguez (Orioles) #71/500
    Edwardo Sierra (Yankees) #289/500
    Jake Woods (Angels) #483/500
    Phil Stockman (D'Backs) #34/500
    Jorge Vasquez Royals #5/500, #20/50 gold
    Merkin Valdez (Giants) #89/500
    Kevin Cave (Marlins) #36/500

    '04 Sweet Spot-Signatures
    Angel Berroa (Royals)
    Geoff Jenkins (Brewers)

    '04 UD First Pitch-Signature Stars
    Lew Ford (Twins)

    '05 Leather & Lumber-Lumber Cuts
    Wladimir Balentien (Mariners)#227/256
    Agustin Montero (Rangers) #141/256
    Justin Wechsler (Diamond Backs) #114/256

    '05 UD Pro Sigs
    Aaron Miles (Rockies)
    Brett Tomko (Giants)
    Chad Cordero (Nationals)

    '05 UD Pros & Prospects-Signs of Stardom
    Frank Francisco (Rangers)
    Chad Cordero (Nationals)
    Mike Johnson (Pirates)
    John Gail (Cardinals)
    Oliver Perez (Pirates)
    Shingo Takatsu (White Sox)
    Mike Rouse (A's)
    Akinori Otsuka (Padres)
    Horacio Ramirez (Braves)

    '05 Topps Chrome Update
    Chaz Roe (Rockies)

    '05 Topps Chrome
    Shane Costa (Royals)
    Jake Ditter (Indians)
    Kevin Melillo (A's)

    '05 Zenith-Roll Call Auto
    Mark Woodyard (Tigers)

    '06 Bowman-Signs of the Future
    Craig Italiano (A's)

    '06 Fleer Greats 0f the Game
    Jack Clark (Giants)

    '06 Sweet Spot Signatures
    Ben Sheets (Brewers) (red/blue stitch, black signature #65/99)

    '07 Bowman-Signs of the Future
    Sergio Mitre (Marlins)

    '07 Bowman Heritage-Auto
    Mike Thompson (San Diego)
    Stephen Englund

    Inserts for trade for other Inserts/GU/Autos

    Derek Jeter (Yankees)
    '08 UD X-Xponential #X4-DJ

    Derek Jeter (Yankees)
    '07 Topps-#40 w/Bush/Mantle

    Mickey Mantle
    '06 Topps-#7

    Ryan Howard(Phillies)
    '07 Topps-Generation Now (HR #46)

    David Wright (Mets)
    '07 Topps-Generation Now (Doubles #17)

    Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
    '04 Fleer Authentix-Ballpark Classics

    Mark Prior (Cubs)
    '05 UD All Star Classic-#32 Gold #81/499

    Vladimir Guerrero (Angels)
    '04 Topps Hetitage-New Age (Expos)
    '06 Topps-2K all Stars
    '06 Ultra-RBI Kings

    UD Victory-Hardball Heroes

    Luis Gonalez (D'Backs)
    '02 Donruss-Elite #2081/2500

    Kerry Wood (Cubs)
    '99 SI-Diamond Dominators

    Dmitri Young (Cardinals)
    '97 Stadium Club-Millennium

    Frank Thomas (Blue Jays
    '07 Ultra-Swing Kings

    Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays)
    '93 Classic Best-Limited Print
    '94 Finest-#423 refractor
    '95 Score-#214 gold rush
    '96 Collectors Choice-#352 gold signature
    '96 UD-Rock Solid
    '96 UD-Future Stock
    '97 UD3-#146 power corps die cut #202/1000
    '97 UD-Ticket to Stardom

    Scott Rolen
    '97 Fleer-Rookie Sensations
    '97 Collectors Choice-Big Shots
    '99 Topps-21st Century
    '00 UD MVP-Pure Grit

    Ivan Rodriguez
    '98 Bowman's Best-Fusion
    '98 UD-10th Anniversary Team

    Juan Gonzalez
    '94 Ultra-Hitting Machines
    '99 Topps Chrome-Lords of the Diamond
    '00 Crown Royale-Supial
    '00 Revolution-On Deck die cut

    Barry Bonds
    '01 Topps-Own the Game
    '02 Fleer-Career Highlights #2
    '02 Topps-Hobby Masters
    '02 UD-Big League Breakdown
    '03 Fleer-Lumber Company
    '07 Topps-Hit Parade refractor

    Greg Maddux
    '94 Topps-#499 gold
    '95 Studio-gold
    '06 Topps-#45 gold #1961/2006

    Bob (Roberto) Clemente
    '98 Topps-Reprint #6

    Roger Clemens
    '95 Topps-League Leaders #LL23
    '96 UD-V.J. Lovero Showcase

    Mike Piazza
    '95 Ultra-All Star
    '96 Flair-Powerline
    '97 Topps-Etch A Sketch
    '98 Topps Chrome-Clout Nine
    '99 Topps HD-Ballpark Figures
    '00 Crown Royale-#92

    Cal Ripken
    '95 E Motion-Timeless
    '95 Studio-gold #8 of 50
    '96 E XL-D-Fense
    '96 SP-Marquee Matchups
    '96 Topps-Mystery Finest
    '97 UDCC-Crash the Game #CG6
    '97 Fleer-Golden Memories
    '97 Fleer-Goudey #11 of 15
    '97 Metal-Magnetic Field
    '97 SP-Marquee Matchups
    '97 Topps-Hobby Masters
    '97 Ultra-Power Plus
    '98 Leaf-Heading for the Hall
    '98 Paramont-#17 red

    Mark McGwire
    '00 Twizzlers #1 of 12
    '01 Topps-Hobby Masters

    Chipper Jones
    '96 Pinnacle-Team Tomorrow
    '97 UDCC-Big Shots gold
    '98 Ultra-Power Plus #6
    '98 Donruss-Donruss Collections Elite
    '98 Topps-#305 minited in cooperstown

    Always adding new cards so check back often.

    115 all positive feedbacks on Card Trading Fools
    113 all positive feedbacks on Trader Retreat (104 different traders)
    total of 187 trades on Trader Retreat (total with muti-trades)

    My main wants are Game Used or Auto's of these players, but will look at all trade lists.

    BASEBALL-Griffey, McGwire, Ripken (maybe), Arod, Piazza, Whitey Ford, Duke Snider, Harmon Killebrew, Yogi Berra, Al Kaline, Nellie Fox, Tony Kubrek, Ted Kluszewski, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Rocky Colavito, Ron Guidry

    FOOTBALL-Marino, Emmitt (Cowboys), Manning (Archie, Peyton, Eli), Deuce McAllister, Reggie Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, Bob Griese, Fred Bletnkoff, Bert Jones

    '04 Fleer Greats GU in both Baseball & Football

    Its getting ridiculous how many traders (mostly new) ask about a card for trade and when you send them a PM for a trade, they never respond. If I take the time to respond to you, please have the courtesy to respond back. How long does it take to respond "I'll pass" or "no thanks" or a really long one "already have that card." It took every bit of a minute or two to write all the responses.

    TRADE POLICY: If we agree on a trade, I expect the cards to be in the mail in a couple of days (unless an agreement on when to send has been noted). I'm really getting tired of alot of traders waiting until they receive or even later before they send their half of the trade. If you can't get the trade in the mail in a couple of days, please don't bother me with trade offers. I will start leaving netural feedbacks for traders that pratice this policy. I have over 300 positive feedbacks on this site and its always the trader with way less feedbacks that seems to wait until they receive before sending. If you have less then 20 positive feedbacks from 20 different traders, you have to send first. If we both wait until we receive before we send, trades would never get done.
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  2. Check out Steel City Collectibles Clearance Center
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    Jeff Francoeur (Braves)
    '08 Topps A&G-Jersey
    I could really use this

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael615 View Post
    Jeff Francoeur (Braves)
    '08 Topps A&G-Jersey
    I could really use this
    Do you have a tradelist or bucket ?

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    I do not. Is there anyone specific u collect if not I could buy

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    Interested in the following cards:
    Quote Originally Posted by cajun 420 View Post
    Ryan Braun (Brewers)
    '09 UD-Game Jersey
    Cal Ripken (Orioles)
    '05 National Pastime-Historical Record (Jersey)
    '98 Paramont-#17 red
    LMK, thanks!

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    Ive got an UDA Griffey Autod Jersey for trade (pics in my bucket)

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    michael615------my main want list is near the bottom of my post

    Zaccheus85-----what is FT in your bucket? I saw a Yogi Berra I could use.

    Otter05---------Not really interested in a real Griffey jersey. Thanks anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaccheus85 View Post
    Berra just got traded a couple days ago.
    Sent you a PM

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