mainly looking to trade a bunch in order to trade up... looking mainly for baseball chrome rc autos or dual/triple/quad autos. Not checking buckets, post lists or pm me if interested... below is eachs sell value

$5 each
sasha pavlovic bowman uncirculated rc auto /1250
Daniel Gibson reflections rc auto... (2) of these... $5 each
gibson spx super scripts auto
gibson star signings auto
gibson sp signature edition auto- rc auto i believe would have to double check
gibson bowman sterling rc auto

$6 each
gibson/tucker cosigners dual rc auto
gibson bowman elevation rc silver auto... (2) of these... $6 each

$7 each
gibson sweet shots rc auto /799
gibson topps chrome black refractor rc auto
gibson fleer ex rc auto /899

$8 each
gibson ultimate collection rc auto /350
gibson bowman chrome rc auto... (3) of these... $8 each
gibson bowman elevation rc gold auto /59

mo williams finest rc auto /999

gibson exquisite notable nameplates auto patch /35

Just added... both very rare never see these on ebay

Daniel Gibson exquisite rc auto patch /225 2 colors

gibson sweet spot rc auto /25

gibson bowman sterling black refractor rc auto /25