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    Travis Snider - Lots, AU or Refractors.

    I'll pay good money, not quite book value money, but better than the money you'll get on ebay.

    From 09 Topps Finest, I'd like Red, Gold (and I'll buy cheap blues or plains, I guess)

    From 06 Bowman DPP, I'd like Gold or Orange refractors (can't afford the red) and I'll put together a lovely little package of cards and cash. I'll also take any reasonably priced Xfractors and plain refractors.

    From '09 UD -- Gold Numbered to 99, plz.

    From '09 SPX -- /99 Auto. I'd prefer to put together a package of Gamel from the same set and some cash, but I'd buy it straight up as well.

    Topps Black Border
    (or platinum, i guess - hah) /58 - Yup, I'd like one of these.

    and then the cards I'm not going to pay crazy money for, but it'll probably be better than you'd get on ebay.

    Any of the Tristar Autographs, or Greens/Purples/Yellows

    The latest JUST MINORS Auto.. I'd prefer to trade for this

    and... any other snider cards. I'll pay top dollar, but don't get greedy.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    oh... here's some crap I've busted in the past couple months.. So if you're craving some stupid Derrick Rose Silk.. then we can work out cash+card ..

    By the way, I'm new here and haven't quite figured everything out. Sorry if I've screwed it up.

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