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Thread: $70 for a DiPietro patch?

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    $70 for a DiPietro patch?

    Almost $70 for this card? Better player then DiPietro sell for less then that, how can this be possible? Crazy islanders fan?

  2. Kronozio
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    People will pay stupid prices for anything. I should contact the buyer and sell him my U/D Reserve RC of him. I would give him a bargain price of $25.

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    Oh, you will need to add $12 for the shipping!

    This seller is crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nic11 View Post
    Oh, you will need to add $12 for the shipping!

    This seller is crazy!
    its just him protecting his investment. its a smart move really...

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    Looks like 2 bidders got in a bidding war and wouldn't let go of the card. $66 for a patch /35 of DiPietro is a steep price to pay though.
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    Priority mail don't cost $12, it's way too much.

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    People laugh at the amount he paid, yet at the same a lot of people end up a shelling a lot more dough for even less quality cards when they buy multiple boxes that don't pan out.

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    Guides between $40.00 and $100.00, has some great patches in it, and DiPietro has a pretty strong following, even if alot of people think he is overpriced.

    BTW I have a DiPietro Quad remnants I wonder if I could get the bidders info from this seller?
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    well, Im gonna go ahead and say that there are a couple of hardcore collectors of him out there and both didnt have that card so they got into a bidding war until one of them said that he has had enough and is praying to god another one pops up in the future

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