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    Malkin Young Gun Check List??? Wierd..

    Ive been watching a few Malkin Checklists on Ebay. I know its not the regular rookie, I just wanted to pick one up.

    I thought I could pick one up for a few bucks, 10 tops... But this is what Ive been seeing.

    This one sold for 6

    This one sold for 45

    This one sold for 27

    This one sold for 5

    What am I missing here? Why are some selling from 5-45...That is a big jump...

    Any help is appreciated.


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    On the one that sold for 45 the buyer probably thought it was the regular YG because nowhere in the description does it say CL

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    Exactly. Buyers have to be aware of these things.

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    Well, the one that sold for $45 was graded @ 10. The GEM Mint, I guess, upped the value. The $27 one though, I've got no explanation. I wouldn't pay more than $10 dlvd for that card.

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    Chalk it up to confusion on the part of the buyer. Nowhere on the front of the card does it say checklist - they likely thought they were getting the actual YG, which explains the higher bid on the third one down the list.
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    I think it goes beyond simple conufsion. The one that went for $27 showed a photo of the actual RC and only said checklist in the description. That has to qualify as some sort of false advertising. I know many sellers will show several cards in the photo and write "You are only bidding on the card in the title" within the description, but this is different.

    I think this seller was intentionally misleading with his listing.
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