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Thread: Baron Davis wanted!

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    Baron Davis wanted!

    Still some Cards missing!

    Please help!!!

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    i have about 8 gu in my bucket lmk if you ned any of them

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    Need that Billups/Davis Game Used

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    @JesRey: Have them all, thanks

    @jho: Trade only..

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    anything i can add (or not(: ) for any of these

    Smith/Vujacic Dual Auto
    Williams Hot Prospects patch auto-Escpecially TTHis One
    Ben Gorden Patch
    Dwight Howard Patch
    Yao/Mcgrady Dual Patch
    Odom Patch
    Paul/Roy GU-Espeecially this
    Sean Williams GU-Especially this

    anything marked with"especiclly this i need for my pc"
    LMK Thanks

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