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Thread: Twins signers

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    Twins signers

    Ive got tickets for a twins/brewers game.

    who are the best signers for both teams?

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    I went to Twins ST this year and although they might not sign as good in the regular season, the best signers were...

    Joe Nathan (without a doubt)
    Nick Blackburn
    Denard Span
    Matt Tolbert
    and Delmon Young

    Hope this helps.

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    Kevin Slowey and Nick Punto are nice IP signers as well. Boof Bonser and Pat Neshek have also been very gracious in the past.

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    Good luck with that one. Mauer is a complete B***h. He signed zero times over the past 3 years I have gone to ST. Morneau signs if he isnt busy but he is usually doing an interview or something.

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