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    08/09 Bowman Draft Day Relic Auto Jerryd Bayless/25 FT/FS

    I have a 2008/2009 Bowman Draft Day Relic Auto Orange Jerryd Bayless/25 Auto RC for sale or trade. It is a sweet looking card, just dont really collect him. Would like to trade it for a Hickson card I need, but I have no problem checking buckets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by longhorns215 View Post
    cmb for it

    only thing i saw was the brandon roy, but i doubt that is available.

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    cant trade that for the bayless but maybe you have something of equal value?

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    what kind of BV/SV are you putting on it?

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    it books 70 but im looking for 50-60

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    i will pass on it, i didnt realize it was that high. Thanks though

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