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    Would Like To Go For A Set Help!

    Set Must be in these guidlines

    1.Cant Really Buy So Its Gotta Be Something i can easilly trade for

    2.Nothing To HighEnd

    3.Something Common and easy to find Bowman/Topps/Topps Chrome/Bowman Chrome

    5.No Patch or Autos unless there realy low end

    LMK what you guys think i should do

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Murad would the best from 08-09 based on these criteria. I would not go for UD or UD MVP since most people do not seem to have these. Another good retro set is 06-07 Topps Turkey Red. If you do not want topps, doing any of the Fleer retros sets from the past 3 years would be a good challenge also. There are less cards in these sets but the Jordans can be a little pricey.
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    I agree with the Murad set. That set also has variations of each rookie that you can chase to make it more fun. Also Topps Hardwood is a nice set, especially the hardwood cards, not base.

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    Do a retro set... im doing 06-07 Turkey Red. Its pretty fun

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    i was thinking hardwood to anyone have a checklist or something of one of parrales not base but the wood parraples and what kinds there are

  7. #6 can you give you the checklist, plus all the different variations, and its free

    why does everyone on here ask for checklists instead of looking it up themselves?

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