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    I thought this was pretty funny

    On another forum I frequent, someone created a thread called:

    "My face hurts, no, it really hurts"

    Here's his post opener:

    My face really, really hurts... I vvas playing around with my Zippo lighter in the kitchen vvhen my brother vvalked up to me and hit me in the face with a keyboard. I think the keyboard is from a nearby Best Buy but I can't be sure right novv. A bunch of the letters fell, but only one got lost, the double-u (I can't use the letter so I had to spell it). I already vvent to Yahoo Ansvvers and I didn't get any help.

    Please, my face really hurts and I can't make the pain stop, it's unbearable.

    I stepped on something sharp on the floor and it seems it's one of the lenses of my glasses. It fell off after I got hit.

    LMAO, and the thread was locked after a few replies. Oh man I love the internet lol

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    LMFAO!!! Thats to funny
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    LOL, the visual makes me chuckle evertime I read it

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    the question is..why is he USING the keyboard that was used to smash his face, which his brother possibly got from a nearby Best Buy..

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    My question is why are there 2 Ws in that paragraph both on the word with

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyude2 View Post
    i think you mean vvovv

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    Yeah I think its was 100% spam but you never know lol

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