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Thread: Looking for Amare Rookie

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    Looking for Amare Rookie

    Would prefer Auto and or patch. But will consider any you have.

  2. Kronozio
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    I have his Topps Chrome refractor rc bv$50 if interested....

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    Anything in my bucket that interests you for it?

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    hi- I have a 2002-03 NBA Championship drive #123 amare stoudemire gu rc #d 113/400.

    LMK if you could use that.

    Thanks- Zev

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    For Sure.. I am looking for all Amare rookies.. CMB see if there is anything in there for it.. Kobe and Leandro Patch Auto are the only ones I dont want to trade..

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    hi- I'd be interested in the 1986 FB RCs of reggie white and steve young. Reggie is $25, young is $20- total of $45. The amare rc books at $50.

    LMK if you'd be interested in a trade like that.

    Thanks- Zev

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    I believe I have responded to everyone... If not, please let me know..

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    hi- I have the amare NBA champion drive gu rc; you said you were interested, and asked me to look for something that I would want in return, which I did- the 86 young and reggie white RCs. So I've been waiting for a response to see if you're interested in that trade. Please lmk what the story is.

    Thanks- Zev

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    My apologies.. I thought I had responded to everyone.. Could you send a pic of the Stat?? I am definitely interested..

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    hi- unfortunately, I don't have any scans....

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