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Thread: Kevin Nash TNA Auto FT....

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    Kevin Nash TNA Auto FT....

    Looking to get rid of this auto, only looking for Football, Hockey or Basketball autos in return, NO WRESTLING CARDS PLEASE

    here is the card

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    what value do you have on this card...and what are you looking for in return?

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    would have no idea on what value, I don't collect wrestling and never have so no idea, but I'm only looking for football, hockey or basketball autos in return, decent to superstar players only

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    Just to let know. I think you are REALLY over valuing the worth of this auto. It is extremely common in the set and it isn't numbered and it doesn't have the "big sexy " insignia. check ebay. your card goes for less then $10. You will have been luck moving it if you devalue it some.

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