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Thread: kobe rookie day!

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    kobe rookie day!

    Got this kobe rookie in today! Tomorrow the Chrome rookie and finest gold should be here so I will probably post those tomorrow!

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    Nice pickup bro, keep it up. The Finest gold is one sweet card and the Finest gold refractor is one that I would love to own one day, that one is just straight up sexy lol.

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    Great card. I once had a guy rip me off years ago by sending me a bent one. :( Glad yours looks nice!

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    Nice Pickup!
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    Awesome card. I literally just found out about that card THIS year. My Camby collection was tripled this year and I just got that card...only in Camby. Awesome card..and pickup!!


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    Thanks guys, yeah notorious it was one of my chase cards it gets over bv on ebay alot of times so I was lucky to catch it under bv this time so now I am down to my 9 card kobe rookie chase. Today the finest gold and topps chrome rookies came in but I havent gotten home to get them and scan them yet.

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