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    '95-'96 Dale Sr. inserts and parallels

    I have gathered most of the nicer Dale Sr. inserts and parallels that I have for sale. These are all shown below with my sell price which is 50% of current Beckett high book value. I'll make a little better deal if you want the entire lot. I also have other parallels(Viper Copperhead/First Strike, etc.) and commons also that I can browse through if you need something in particular from those two years. I have no desire to trade as I don't collect anymore. Thanks, and hopefully I have something that you want! :)

    1995 Finish Line full set #DE1-10 $40.00
    1995 Traks Clear Contenders #C1 $6.00
    1996 Crown Jewels Elite Birthstones of a Champ *Treasure Chest* #BC1 $50.00
    1996 Knight Quest Santa Claus #SC1 $12.50
    1996 Press Pass Focused #F1 $20.00
    1996 Press Pass Premium #35 Emerald Proof $12.50
    1996 UD RTTC #301 $15.00
    1996 UD RTTC #DE1 $12.50
    1996 VIP Head Gear #HG2 $12.50
    1996 VIP War Paint #WP2 $7.50
    1996 Viper Black Mamba First Strike #1 $40.00
    1996 Viper Busch Clash #B14 (both regular and First Strike[x4]) $12.50/$20.00
    1996 Viper Dale Sr. set in faux snakeskin case $30.00
    1996 Viper Diamondback First Strike #D2 $30.00
    1996 Zenith #69 Artist's Proof $12.50

    EDIT - to make the pricing easier

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    No love for Dale Sr. eh?

    I've got a '96 Autograhed Racing certified auto of Dale Sr. coming to me from my dad that is for sale. He wants me to sell for him for a little extra cash...

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