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Thread: 07 Bowman's Best Live Break

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    07 Bowman's Best Live Break

    Ok, opened up the Tristar Projections last night and I thought it was fairly average.
    I don't typically spend a lot on one box, but 07 Bowman's Best has a lot of potential, so I'm going to give it a rip. Three mini boxes per box, five packs and three autos per mini box. I'm going to do one mini box tonight to drag things out.

    Anyone want to check it out?


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    Sorry for the one was replying, so I figured no one was it goes...

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    Box-Topper Pack w/ ARod HR cards:


    Didn't even know these were in here...both book for $15. Not a bad bonus. Someone take these off my hands...

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    Ok, and on to the mini box...

    Pack 1:

    Jose Reyes base
    David Wright base
    David Huff Prospect Auto
    Manny Ramirez base
    Ichiro base

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    Pack 2:

    Vernon Wells base
    Alfonso Soriano base
    Aaron Cunningham Prospect #282/499
    Jim Thomse base
    Roger Clemens base

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    Pack 3:

    Mark Teixeira base
    Brian McCann base
    Kevin Kouzmanoff RC Auto (nice)
    Albert Pujols Blue Parallel #12/99 (nice)
    Joe Mauer base

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