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Thread: Hows your golf game?

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    Hows your golf game?

    Hey guys, just wondering of we had any golfers here on SCF. Yesterday I broke 90 for the first time which is pretty sweet. Hows everyone elses golf game going?

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    I am a solid triple-bogey golfer. I have never broken 100. Shot a 112 last week.

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    Drives have been struggling lately and I don't have a putter touch.. I am anywhere between 90-115 lately...

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    Amazingly enough, golf is something that has always come pretty easy. The idea of a fluid swing, snapping of the wrists, and making sure that club face is nailing the ball right just works!

    I had my best score of 80 this last weekend.

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    I have like a 3-12 stroke averageper hole lol

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    I'm hoping to break 90 this year, usually in the 90s for 18, came close earlier this year 49, 42. Yeah, I am pretty inconsistent

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    I shot a 69 a couple of days ago. It was my first round of the year too!

    Forgot to mention, I only played 9 holes though....

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    My dad is really into golf, and my mom was when she was younger. But I am horrible at it in spite of those genes, lol.

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    Broken 90 about 6 times so far this year. I try to get out about 4 times a week.

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    I havent played much since high school except in outings with clients but i can usually shoot around 90.... In high school i was consistently around 78-80 at our home course. usually 82-85 when trying out new courses... although i played 36-48 holes every day while my parents were are work lol
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