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    Anyone up for another live break?

    2007 Bowman's Best, mini box #2....five packs, three autos.
    Will be starting in a few minutes if anyone replies.


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    good luck!
    I liked the first part of your break and hope the second part will be just as good

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    Pack 1:

    Brian McCann base
    Barry Bonds base
    Curtis Thigpen RC Green #240/249
    Joe Mauer base
    Chipper Jones base

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    Pack 2:

    Vlad Guerrero base
    Mark Teixeira base
    Chris Marrero Prospect Auto (i'll take it)
    Gary Sheffield base
    Ryan Howard base

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    Pack 3:

    Alex Rodriguez base
    Andruw Jones base
    Adam LaRoche Auto
    Derek Jeter base
    Magglio Ordonez base

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    Pack 4:

    Tom Glavine base
    Miguel Cabrera base
    Greg Smith Prospect RC Green #42/249
    Derrek Lee base
    Jorge Posada base

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    Alright, last pack for the night...still have one more stored away for later this week. One more auto coming....

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    lets home it is a good one. good luck my fingers are crossed.

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