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Thread: I really need some advice

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    I really need some advice

    Hello All,

    due I am new to this hobby (collectin hockey cards ) I really need some advice/help from older guys.
    First sorry for my speeking, but english is not my native language.

    Ok, here we go.

    I would like to collect goalie cards. But what/whom should I collect? I do not have a favorite goalie either. Really don´t know how to start a goalie collecting. I am sure some goalie collector will read this thread. Please give me some advice how to start a collection.

    I plan to order 2 or 3 boxes Between the Pipes 08/09. Is this the right beginning?

    Thanx for your help.

  2. Kronozio
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    there are some nice things out there with goalies. I am pretty new as well, but I would say go for what you like and is within your budget. If you like autographs then collect goalie autographs. There are some really nice cards with pieces of goalies gloves and pads and stuff in them as well. Most important is to have fun!

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    First off, welcome to SCF!

    If you are a goalie collector this is definitely the set for you. The Masked Men inserts, goalie autos, goalie GU, and the potential for a Pad or a Glove is definitely a nice way to go.

    Until you decide on an individual player or team, the best way to go would be set collecting and then do a little research into the history of goaltenders to see who is out there and what cards may be available for them. If you like the Montreal Canadiens, well, there's a very lengthy list of greats to collect from that team! Maybe you want to get collections of the 5 goalies with the most wins ever? That'd be a great collection to go after. The joy of the hobby is that it's as much or as little as you want to make of it.

    Good luck!
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    For goalies Between The Pipes is the way to go.

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    Between the Pipes is for sure the best boxes for you to grab, if you're just looking for goalies in general. If you've want to collect only a few specific players.... singles would be a much more cost effective way to do it though.

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    Thanx for your advices.
    Well I will first order the 3 boxes and till they arrive I have some time to
    think about how to collect.

    First I think I will begin with a set.

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    2008/09 Between The Pipes is so good I'm not even a goalie collector and I can't get enough of it :)

    Good luck with your boxes, and I am sure you will find someone to collect soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
    2008/09 Between The Pipes is so good I'm not even a goalie collector and I can't get enough of it :)

    And what cards you collect from the pipes? There are only goalies in there I think

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    BTP can give you past, present, and future in goaltending. For a pc guy, if you have a favorite team, follow their goalie

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaMosh View Post
    And what cards you collect from the pipes? There are only goalies in there I think
    I collect the memorabilia cards, mainly the jersey and goalie pad cards. I am a fan of all positions in hockey, and the best goalie cards are in Between The Pipes. Many people only collect goalies but the set is good for all collectors in my opinion :)

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