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    2005-06 Bowman Chrome Xfractors WANTED

    going for this fun, hopefully relatively cheap set
    lmk what u have
    can buy or trade!
    look like this:

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    I have a few in my list.... Its a big one.... feel free to look through it or if you'd rather me look through them and pm them?

    Also, I could your
    Stockton Patch
    Howard Patch
    Heat #ed Cards.
    Heat Rc's.

    Drop me A pm.

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    I just found one, its pretty roughed up though, Rafer Alston. If we made a deal for any other cards Id throw it in for free, but you may not be interested since its pretty darn roughed up

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    Liked the Iversons in the first 2 links and in the 3rd i like the Gerald Green in the last link, i have a Richard Jefferson X-Fractor for ya lmk what we can do maybe for a bigger deal.
    Collecting All Current Oakland raiders Primarily Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Also any Legend or HOF raider players as well.
    Just getting back into the Hobby so not much tradebait right now, PC has become available if anyone is interested.
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    Please NOTE: Photobucket is not updated, Only PC cards are accurate anything else has been traded or sold thanks

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    I have these and am interested in the Bynum Bowman Chrome Refractor:

    Brand, Elton 2005-6 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #42 065/150 1 8.00
    Smith, Josh 2005-6 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #82 133/150 1 8.00
    Gomes, Ryan 2005-6 Bowman Chrome Xfractor 123 078/150 1 15.00

    LMK if we can do anything, Thanks manny

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