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Thread: Razor Sports Icons

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    Razor Sports Icons

    I went to the LCS yesterday and got one pack of Sports Icons. I was a little wary, as I had never got a 100 dollar pack for one card before. I was elated when I opened it up and saw Teddy Ballgame's great signature staring at me. Also was even more happy that Yaz was on the back. The card is numbered 10/10, and I cannot find any duals on ebay from these two in ANYTHING. Does anyone know what I might be able to get if this is their first pairing, or just ULTRA-Rare?

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    What a way to ruin a piece by putting that jerk Yastrzemski on it.
    Nice pull on the Teddy!!

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    good pull, even though these are nice cards it seems like its really hard to pull anything to even make your money back, but you definitely did there

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    I am not sure if I should hold it, or set it for a huge price, and just see what happens.

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