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    2007 sp auth Roger Clemens BTL #/5

    Letter E #/5

    Looking for other 07 BTLs

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    Which team is he shown with on the card and also Any interest in a full John " Danks " nameplate towards the roger by the letter?

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    load- yes i would be interested in the danks nameplate, do you have a pic?

    devin- didn't see anything i collect, thanks tho

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    its in my bucket under whitesox the clemens yankees or houston?? and do you have a scan of it?
    lmk please

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    its yankees, i'll try to get a pic up in a little bit, also the danks looks like it has an O and not a D

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    yeah thats possible I havent see another D to compare, Im not 100% sure if its the D or O

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