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Thread: Need all 08 goudey base cards

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    Need all 08 goudey base cards

    Will trade in your favor!

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    I have some. Do you have a list of ones that you need or just looking to trade for a lot?

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    Hey man, I have a bunch, do you need a list or just a total amount? I am interested in some of your stuff.

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    How about a lot of about 60 with a bunch of RC's for the Torii Hunter patch?

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    No? Dont need RC's just the 60 base. BTW why would i trade a sick patch for base

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    I don't know lol, I was just checking if you would. You didn't specify, so I figured I would ask. So you just want to trade base for them?

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    I meant there is a bunch of RC's that are in the base set...

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