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    im selling my 08-09 ud premiere break cards. please pm me offers on any card. if you take the whole lot i will give you a great deal. let me know.
    the cards are:
    jordan farmer triple jersey auto 31/50
    sam jones penmanship auto 1/50
    brandon roy triple jersey 3 color patch 23/50
    scottie pippen manufactured patch 6/50
    darrel arthur quad jersey auto 84/199
    josh boon/sean williams premiere remnants 4 jersey 15/50
    karl malone base 88/99(signature pose)
    included in the lot as well:
    08-09spx winning materials elton brand dual jersey
    07-08 bowman sterling jersey refractor of brandon roy
    rc refractor of al horford
    allen iverson jersey
    herbert hill kersey auto rc
    all numbered

    also 135$ takes it all
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    LMK what you are looking to get for the Pierce auto. Thanks.

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