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    What Trading Card Software are you using?

    Looking for an easy to use data base software for sports cards.

    Would like to find a "freebie" version on the net if possible

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    Look up "Open Office" its an open-source (free) suite of business applications pretty much exactly the same as Microsoft Office. I believe Microsoft Office files can be viewed in Open Office as well. Although Im not sure how easy it is to use and I only used the word processor app which is similar to Microsoft Word but the layout is a little different

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    I found the open office site but I searched for "sports cards", "sportscards", and "football cards" and got nothing. I didn't post this topic but I am one who is very interested in some sort of organizational tool for keeping track of cards.

    I'd like to see some more responses...

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    You can use Open Office to organize your cards on a spread sheet, that's what he meant.

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    Yeah-Open office is free and comes with Kubuntu (stepson of linux) Depending on what I'm doing I list all my cards/years/prices, then what they sold for then profit..spread sheets are the best.

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    I guess I can stick with Excel... strange that for how large the collecting hobby is it seems lack of software being put to use..

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    THere really no need for software.. I guess if I decided to pick up where I left off trying to learn 2 program you could have something like excell but have a bult in OPG that gathers prices from OPGS (like scfs)

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    This is what Beckett should be doing for the good of the hobby... and a limited/free version...

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