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Thread: David Reutimann Wantlist

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    David Reutimann Wantlist

    Hey guys,

    I think I'm basically dead in the water with this stuff anymore, lol, but figured I'd give it another shot. Anyone got any of these? I'd appreciate any help I can get!

    2009 Press Pass Signings Green #NNO
    2009 Press Pass Signings Blue #NNO
    2009 Press Pass Signings Purple #NNO
    2009 Press Pass Signings Orange #NNO
    2009 Press Pass Signings Gold #NNO
    2009 Stealth Brushed Metal Parallel #27
    2009 Premium Signatures Gold #NNO
    2008 Speedway Red #R32
    2008 Speedway Red #R48
    2008 Press Pass Blue Signings #NNO
    2007 American Thunder Rookie Autograph Variation #89B
    2007 VIP Rookie Stripes Autographs #RS-DRE
    2007 Traks Red #R68

  2. Kronozio
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    don't have anything from your list but i do have a reuti top prospect glove door numbered if interested.

    saw two cards i might like to have.
    keso signings or yeley plate.

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