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Thread: My 21,000th post!

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    My 21,000th post!

    Pretty special ocassion here, for me at least! For one, I've been a member for about 20 months, and have 21000 posts - averaging over 1000 per month - and I wasn't very active for the first 6 months, with only about 15 trades and 1500 posts in that time period. Then, I joined the SCF Staff about 13 months ago, and I became only 2nd to Dan in terms of

    But, 21k posts is pretty cool for me - and, 21,005 will be very cool as well, as KGs old jersey number and his current one are together.

    Just thought I'd share :-)

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    Kobe Bryant would be proud!
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    Nice work. How are you going to celebrate?

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    Thanks guys...I

    Tom - I'll celebrate by giving away all but just under 2200 of my CC

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    Congrats!! pretty impressive, kinda like when Orlando beat Boston in Boston in game 7 impressive! lol :)

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    That is UTTERLY.......mind bogglingly AMAZING!! 21000 jeez man. Congrats is DEFINITELY in order.


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    Brandon - this is WAY more impressive than that! lol BTW, you just surpassed 3k yourself! Congrats!

    Evan - thanks! I am pretty surprised myself - good thing none of my in-person friends know how many posts I
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    Quote Originally Posted by garnett_21 View Post
    good thing none of my in-person friends know how many posts I
    lol, for real huh?

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