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Thread: Just won a Quad Auto--->

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    Just won a Quad Auto--->

    2008-09 Topps Photo Shoot Quad Rose/Mayo/Augustin/Bayless. $114.50 delivered. What do you guys think? Good deal, average or not so good?

    Here is the link.

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    I think that was a pretty dang good deal with some great autos!!!

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    Great buy and awesome price!


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    Awesome Win!
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    i think it's a steal
    usually anything with just rose on it goes for about that much

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    Good since BIN is over 100 what u payed and another acution is going 50 bucks more than that

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    Nice buy! I picked up a quad auto off the same seller last evening too!

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    Thanks guys. I thought it was a good deal but I really was not sure how common or desirable these photo shoot auto's are.

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    pretty much $27 per auto,equal out to the $117 for all four. good price.

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