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Thread: Listen to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Listen to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have just recently joined ebay but i had been a large buyer on yahoo. I'm strapped for cash right now ive been saving up for a new car. So heres the deal ive say the "football signing bonus plaques" in beckett magazine and now i just want one so bad so with that said if someone can get me 1 of a decent player signing bonus and give it to me ill give them a 1999 topps gold label edgerrin james graded 10 PRO rookie, if you can get me 2 ill throw in a 2000 pacific crown collection sammy sosa bv $80, and if you get me,3 ill throw in over $100 in rookie or serial #'d cards your choose.
    So heres the deal
    1-graded edgerrin james bv $$60
    2-james and sosa bv $$140
    3-james, sosa, and $100 worth of rookies or serial #'d $240
    so from what ive seen on ebay you could spend about $60 and i would give you $240 cards for you $60 or if you have them you could trade them to me
    please help me out with my addiction!!!!!!! LOL

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    You want be getting one dude.
    You probably don't even have the cards you say you got.

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