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Thread: Bubblemailers in bulk?

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    Bubblemailers in bulk?

    Does anybody know where i can buy a HUGE bulk lot of Bubble mailers pretty cheap? im constantly going to the store to pick up the 6-pack of them, and would like to pick up a nice big 'ol lot of them. lmk. thanx guys! :)

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    go to sams club... they sell quantity of 25 for like $4.97.. pretty good price IMO

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    Check out places like:

    Sams Club
    Office supply stores (Office Depot, Office Max, etc)

    You should be able to find bulk bubble mailers at one of those places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesRey View Post
    Nick here you go, check out this site.

    thats about the chepest I've seen

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    ebay, i got 125 for under 25dlvd a while back

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