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Thread: fathers day boxes

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    fathers day boxes

    well i got 3 boxes 08' ud timeline 3 packs 07' donruss elite and 3 free packs of 09' ud retail. just listing the hits

    ud retail - ud jersey josh johnson black marlins piece

    donruss elite - aaron gray pitt panthers patch auto #30/250. don't know much about him if he's good or a scrub? lmk a bv if you know thanks in advance

    timline -

    evan longoria rc's

    113 (x3)
    65 (x3) one is gold version
    361 gold version sp


    bobby wilson angels

    jonathan van every red sox

    paul janish reds

    usa auto's

    matt den dekker

    micah gibbs

    andrew oliver

    thanks for the read lmk if anybody is interested also got fukodome, ramirez, votto and bruce rc's from the timeline's. lmk what you need

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    Not bad on the packs! The Gray books at $15
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    Interested in the Van Every Auto, Thanks!

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    thanks for the feedback guys also looking for guys in my sig

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    Nice breaks, I need these to complete my Timeline set, do you have any besides the Longoria?

    252 Alex Gordon
    267 Rickie Weeks
    281 Frank Thomas
    284 Cole Hamels
    351 Luke Carlin
    357 Alexi Ramirez
    360 Greg Smith
    361 Evan Longoria
    369 Max Scherzer
    372 Jay Bruce
    377 Eider Torres
    384 Mike Parisi
    385 Jonathan Van Every

    LMK if you are up to trading.

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