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Thread: which box is best???

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    which box is best???

    if your looking to get a lebron or kobe auto, besides exquisite, premier, black or super high end stuff, what would or do you buy to try and get a nice auto of above mentioned players?? is chronology from 07 a good one, what about sp auth, spx....
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    doesnt really matter, they all have them... and they all are tough to pull out of them.. best bet is to save the money every time you want to buy a box and just buy the single...

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    If you want a Lebron or Kobe auto, buy it. Don't buy boxes looking for one...

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    yeah I know, but busting boxes is soooo addicting, thanks.
    collecting Tim Duncan
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    l/f stadium club traction card of tim duncan

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    good friggen luck trying to get a lebron or kobe auto from busting boxes, ive busted three cases of Upper Deck stuff and havent gotten anything!

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    if you're looking to acquire a high end auto your best bet is to buy the'll probably save a ton of money that way.....see avatar

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    Ya just buy the single, right now buy Lebron his autos are dirt cheap. If you don't mind me asking, what are you looking to spend?

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    Agree with the group. Buy singles and find a cheaper addiction. Lottery tickets are much cheaper. Busting boxes for a couple autos will frustrate you right out of the hobby.

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    Just checked eBay, and for BIN's the cheapest were:
    LeBron: $200
    Kobe: $90

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    yeah watch ebay, I got a kobe scoreboard players club authentic auto a couple weeks ago for 39.00 dlvd. It is a lower end auto but still a steal! It won ebay steal of the week a couple weeks ago. I just advise watching ebay and something will come up.

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