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Thread: Looking for Heatley & Crosby

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    Looking for Heatley & Crosby

    Lmk what you have of them and what you need


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    have a PowerPlay Jersey Heatley! LMK in pm if you want it!

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    Have this

    07-08 SPX Winning Combos #WC-HE Dany Heatley(Senators White) Ray Emery(Senators 10%Black 90%Red)
    And some Crosby inserts from this years UD if you need them. Let me know

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    Have these:

    00-01 MVP Third Star #211 Dany Heatley RC
    01-02 Bowman Youngstars Rivals #FFR6 Dany Heatley/Mike Comrie 26/250
    05-06 Ultra Scoring Kings Jersey #SKJ-DH Dany Heatley
    05-06 Upper Deck Shooting Stars #S-DH Dany Heatley
    06-07 Beehive Matted Materials #MM-DH Dany Heatley
    07-08 Hot Prospects Hot Materials #HM-DH Dany Heatley
    07-08 SPx Winning Combos #WC-HE Dany Heatley/Ray Emery
    07-08 SPx Winning Materials #WM-DH Dany Heatley

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    Are you interested in Crosby heroes form this year, HH7 and HH8. If so PM back.

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    I have
    05-06 BaP Signatures #HT Dany Heatley
    07-08 OPC Premier Stitchings #PS-DH Dany Heatley /199
    also have 08-09 OPC Gold #512, 561, 573

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    I have a Heatley dual jersey from Artifacts #/199

    Do you have a bucket or something similar?

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