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Thread: Great Mayo Mailday

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    Great Mayo Mailday

    After a slow mail week so far, things pickup today!!!

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    sick plates, are u close to the master set?

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    those are amazing Printing plates, the yellow one doesn't even look like Mayo lol

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    Glad to see you got those two plates from Greg. Congrats! thanx :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mj23boxbreaker View Post
    sick plates, are u close to the master set?

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    Very nice, Mayo is a stud. Got to watch him live last season, really opened my eyes to his skills. Too bad more Memphis games are broadcast nationally, they have a really nice group of young, exciting players...especially after the draft last night.

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    Yeah, saw him when he came to town to play against the t-wolves, very smooth. Was lucky enough to get him to autograph my mayo jersey.

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