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Thread: #27 Project, anyone have any?

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    #27 Project, anyone have any?

    The #27 project in short is a project where I am looking for all cards #ed 27. It could be 27/27,27/50,27/100...any. Dosent have to be the fanciest card, but if its stamped 27/whatever, I would like a shot. The project so far is 5 cards big, so I would like to expand on it. Link is in my sig.

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    Interesting project!

    My trade list is pretty short but, believe or not, I have 2 cards for you!

    06-07 Sp Authentic Limited M. Ryder #49 (027/100)
    08-09 UD Centennial Memorable Moments #294 (027/100)

    In your trade list I need these:

    08-09 McDonalds Upper Deck Profiles #PRO10 Joe Thornton
    08-09 McDonalds Upper Deck Speed Skaters #SS10 Scott Niedermayer
    08-09 McDonalds Upper Deck Superstar Spotlight #IS3 Jonathan Toews
    08-09 McDonalds Upper Deck Superstar Spotlight #IS4 Vesa Toskala
    08-09 McDonalds Upper Deck Superstar Spôtlight #IS7 Pavel Datsyuk

    Don't have a clue about prices of your cards neither mine so.....let's manage something...

    To see my cards just click here:


    Martin Langlois

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