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    Just pulled, help identify. 0809 kobe mvp white ??

    I normally collect Hockey, but I picked up a box of 08-09 UD MVP cheap.

    Got this 1 weird Kobe MVP card. It's all white. anything special????

    Scan shows front and rear of card, and normal black card below it....

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    No Idea why its white its the first one I have seen, Looks sweet!

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    theres a couple on ebay, but not sure what it is. you would think they would have changed the font on the back to black so it shows up.

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    was it a hobby box or a retail box? Most times in retail, there are retail only insert/parallels.

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    Interesting card..never seen that one before myself

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    I have many of the black version but only like 3 of the white version. It is just a parralel, please PM me if its available...

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