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    Trading for a Friend: Amazing Brodeur Patch!

    Hey everyone... A friend is a huge Penguins fan (Not a created one from this year) and he'd love a Sidney Crosby Autograph. He asked me to come on SCF and see what I could do for him. So he has this wonderful card to start the deal with. This card will not be for trade for any other deal than a Crosby Autograph (Trust me, our circle of friends have Let me know if there is a deal in the works... If it's not 1 for 1, let me know how much more he needs to get a Crosby Autograph.

    Here is the link to his Pic and his Bucket:

    Brodeur Patch:

    His Bucket:

    Let me know what we can do for him!

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    Also, you can check my bucket to help him too. Take the Brodeur patch, and what ever you find in mine or his...

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