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Thread: Looking to Trade

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    I have interest in the brooks robinson g/u auto and the triple auto... lmk if u need anything I'm trading, thanks.

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    cmb for

    Griffey auto jsy
    Jon Lester Bowman Chrome Ref. auto

    PM me for faster response thanks

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    i like the mathewson gu. cmb and lmk

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    Just sent you a PM, I really like the Williams and the Robinson autos.

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    any interest in this offer:

    08 SP Authentic Derek Jeter By the Letter Auto "J" /25 (last one sold for $205)


    08 Honus Wagner Sterling GU /10


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    tulsan- sorry nothing i could use
    rice- what are you looking for on the wagner?
    billy-liked some cards but all worth more than the thomas
    laporta- sorry nothing i could use
    howard- sorry nothing i could use

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