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    duplicated post.
    Last edited by avstars; 06-28-2009 at 03:47 AM.

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    Hey, avstars... Not duplicated. One is for Baseball one's Basketball. Thanks

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    I like the buck absolute 5 piece...cmb please

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    cmb for

    Ripken/gordon dual auto
    Feller TTT auto gu
    Fielder Bowmans best auto
    Adrian gonzalez bowman's best auto
    Joba Bowman's best auto
    Vanden Hurk BTL
    JAy Bruce Stadium club auto
    Juan Marichal auto
    F-Mart Bowman's Best auto
    Duke Snider auto
    Aramis BTL
    Hanley SP Authentic auto
    Hanley Bowman's best auto
    Ted Williams GU
    Ruth GU
    Dimaggio GU
    santana patch
    manny logo

    LMK thanks

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