Byline: Jon Waldman and Russ Cohen

In honour of Hockeyology's ninth NHL Entry Draft coverage, we proudly present this look in and around the draft floor in La Belle Province.

1 – Louie, Louie
You thought the Habs fans were hockey mad before? The celebration of Louie Leblanc was incredible. Give the new Canadien draftee credit though – he did a solid hour of post-pick interviews.

2 – Make some Noise
Whether it was cheering for the Habs at every possible point or booing Brian Burke out of the building, the Montreal faithful were louder than any draft audience we’ve ever seen.

3 – Isles get over-anxious
Yeah, taking John Tavares number one was good, but the Long Island folk may have jumped the gun when they traded up in the draft to select Calvin De Haan.

4 – Nikolai? Really?
As always at these events, you see fans wearing…well…odd sweaters. Nothing beats a Toronto fan wearing a Nikolai Borchevsky jersey. Mothballs I guess do work wonders.