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    Hahahaha - Who would be so foolish

    to buy a $15 card for $50 not to mention Buy It Now for $100 - He would be lucky to get the $15 for that card.....

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    this should just be on my "What the... auction thread". its stickied for a reason ;)

    and yeah....some people are dumb

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    but shipping is free, I dont know if I can resist

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    That is crazy.

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    That's quite a mark-up. I've seen worse though!! I've seen 90-91 pro-set cards with $40 start bids, multiples by the same seller! I see very high buy it now prices all the time, some must sell though to someone who's desparate enough? If I think prices are too high, I'll sometimes wait till they relist, then wait till it ends and message them offering a lower price. About 4/5 times it works.

    Also, for your viewing pleasure, a newbie ebay seller successfully capatalizes on a newbie ebay buyer!!! I hope this guy got a list of some of the cards! I see one complete row of 91/92 OPC and the colouring of the rest tells me mostly 90s! In any event, he's not making anything on shipping!

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    Now that is funny - $90C for Shipping???? WOW!!!! He just got 4800 commons for $240

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSSports View Post
    Now that is funny - $90C for Shipping???? WOW!!!! He just got 4800 commons for $240
    A nickel each! What a great deal! He added a few Hull and Gretzky too! Here's hoping that he doesn't get cards that are valued at bv 0.01$ each.

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    See a trilogy card of Brodeur
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