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    Help idendtify 1998-99 UD Jordan Card!

    Hi there, new to the forum. I need some help identifying this 1998-99 upper deck Gold Jordan individually numbered 9 of 23. Any help identifying this card and value would be appreciated.

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    Hey man, first off welcome to the boards!

    And you do have a VERY RARE card on your hands, it's called: 1998-99 Upper Deck Encore MJ23 F/X #M14 Michael Jordan

    There is no value listed due to the fact that there's only 23 copies made of this card. Here's an idea of how much you could get:

    However, you could probably get even more since it's numbered to his olympic jersey #9.

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    Hey thanks for the welcome Jeebus, and for the info about my card. I tried researching on my own, but I couldn't find it in the guides. I bow to your immense card knowledge.

    I'm not really a collector anymore, but I decided to look through my old cards to see if there was anything of value. I'll have to keep digging and see what else I've got. Maybe I can finance some of my newer hobbies with some sales of cards from my old hobby.

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