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Thread: Making banners again

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    Making banners again

    due to being busy with other stuff, cant do free ones anymore..

    So im asking;
    50cc per regular banner (1 player preferred, 2 max)
    100cc per animated banner (2 slides - 25cc per extra slide)

    Can also do larger banners for other sites, video banners & wallpapers (pm me for a price)

    Will also trade cards/paypal for banners...PM me for info

    please provide the following info with your request


    Here are some examples of my work

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    Quote Originally Posted by GBforce12 View Post
    could you finish my banner, possibly?
    ive made it twice and u didnt like the colors, i asked you what colors and u said to use my judgement which u obviously dont agree with, so if u tell me what color i will finish it

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    My bad, i would l just like a simple one color black &.

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    I am sorry could you just take out the & all together?

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    Thanks that awesome, thanks for all your work!

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    one last thing, please dont link from my photobucket, coz i clean it out every few days, save it to your own photobucket, cheers

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    Hey, do you think you can make me a 500x100 (since i'm VIP)

    One picture is in the Marlins uni, and another in his Tigers uni please

    PLAYER(s): Miguel Cabrera
    TEAM(s): Flordia Marlins & Detroit Tigers
    COLOR(s): be creative
    ANYTHING ELSE: have fun with it!
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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