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Thread: HIGH END cards with SCANS

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    i am possibly interested in the berra quad auto/patch, but the link doesn't work (nor do any of the others).

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    how much do you need for the berra? if looking to trade, feel free to check my trade-page. also, just out of curiosity, why are all of your pictures inverted?

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    i really like your ripken, arod, jeter, and aaron autos

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    Please check my bucket for the Lincecum and Price, thanks

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    rob- i wouldnt do that trade straight up i would need a lot more sorry
    the pictures are inverted because i take them on my macbook and the camera just does that
    rice- didnt see anything sorry
    yummiest- love nl triple auto and joba auto
    kykid- i really like your arod, griffey, and pujols autos

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