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    Trade Inserts for Game-Used or Autos?

    We have all been offered inserts for our Game-Used and Autographs.

    Ninety-nine percent of the time we politely say "NO!"

    Let me set up this scenario and you can express your opinions:

    You put up for trade a Game-Used of a star player that has a BV of $30.00.

    You get an offer for an Insert of one of the guys you collect (let's say numbered to 25) and it has a BV of $50.00.

    Do you go for the trade?

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    Depends on the players involved in your situation, i trade inserts for GUs and vice versa, but if i'm trading the GU it needs to be in my favor, and if i trade the inserts, i make sure its in the other persons favor
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    In that situation, probably not. If it's a lesser GU ($6-15) and the trade was slightly in my favor w/PC inserts, maybe. Now RCs are a different story...I collect those and I'm much more likely to trade GU/Autos for RCs than inserts. But with a GU/auto w/BV $30+, I'm probably going to want GU/auto in exchange.

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    In this instance, I probably all depends on the circumstance though, but to answer your question, yes, I do (sometimes) trade inserts for GU and vice versa.

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    I also probably would in the instance you described..I have done it a few times , traded gu that I have had sitting around for a while for inserts of players, or teams I collect..Ed

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    i mean do cards that are low #ed /10 and below considered inserts? If so Ive done it...especially if they were of players in my PC.

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    I voted no I'm 1 of 3 so far,I have traded gu for inserts I needed to complete sets but I usually trade inserts for other inserts and gu and autos for other gu and autos

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    The market is soooo flooded with gu and autos. No reason to place them so high on a pedestal anymore.

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    It solely depends on the cards in question, I think... If anybody has some cool inserts or RCs they want to trade, I've got some Peyton Manning GUs to get rid of... He embarrased my Broncos 2 years in a row, and I am a big Pats fan... I can't stand that man...

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    I think everyone would (or should) take it if they were truly serious about building up a player collection of the insert(s) involved

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