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Thread: 2008 UDX Hobby Box

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    2008 UDX Hobby Box

    Usually bust packs, but they havent been giving me anything good so i figured i would buy some boxes in order to get at least the cards that are supposed to be in there. So i decided to bust this box of 2008 UDX, it has a lot of unnecessary but cool looking inserts that i enjoyed lol, it also says it comes with two autographs (on average). I have a ridiculous amount of inserts so lmk if you need anything in particular.I am fairly unlucky when it comes to breaking so i wasnt expecting much to begin with.

    First Auto: Marlon Byrd
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    After that i was like, "Of course, just great"

    Second Auto:......................Derek Jeter
    Attachment 26861

    They're not numbered =[, but hey its a jeter auto lol. i dont collect him so it is FT and i'm open to offers.

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    Awesome Jeter!!
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    hey man id love a shot at the jeter. lmk if you like anything for it!

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    Sorry, guys didn't see anything that jumped out at me... I'm holding this card for a good Mets Auto/PC
    Thanks all for the looks

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