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Thread: WTTF: Thornton & Setoguchi

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    have a thornton ultra scoring kings jsy from the bruins, have several base/inserts too.

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    I have a Thornton ITG Ult Seams Unbelievable (2c blk/yel) and I think a Steto FW AU? still looking for wings. I think I have a SPGU dual jersey of Thornton as well shown as a shark.

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    I've got a Setoguchi Young Guns RC, lmk if you need it and I'll check your bucket.
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    I have a number of Thornton's available

    00/01 UD auto/Jersey ($60 BV)
    02/03 SPA Thornton/Samsonov jerseys $25 BV
    02/02 SPGU Pc of History jersey $20 BV
    05/06 BeeHive jersey $15 BV
    03/04 Orig Six jersey $15 BV ?

    Don't initially see anything in the bucket (other than Bruins PC).

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